ACE Outreach Session Featuring Steve Hilson, CBP HQ on September 23rd

Without sounding like the town crier over and over again, “ACE is coming!  ACE is coming!” and as we’ve heard from CBP, now is the time for people to start testing it, insuring that their software providers are either certified or are developing and testing it, because come next November, it will become the system of […]

Yesterday was a great panel about ISF, ACAS and eBond

The Atlanta International Forwarders & Brokers Association yesterday hosted a panel along with Avalon Risk Management on three topics that are of great interest to Customs brokers and freight forwarders alike. I was honored to be a panel participant, along with Craig Clark of CBP in Washington and Lisa Gelsomini, President/CEO of Avalon Risk Management. […]

Great dates and deals available for our Lunch and Learn Series this summer!

We are heating up our educational Lunch and Learn Series for the summer with a $100.00 discount for any L&L booked in July, August or September! We have a variety of topics that are already prepared and ready to deliver.  If you don’t see one that is of interest to you or your company, we are […]

NCBFAA 2014 Annual Conference Recap

I spent the better part of a week this month attending meetings in my capacity as the Area 4 Representative to the NCBFAA Board of Directors and the Airfreight Subcommittee Chair as well their 40th Annual Conference. During the conference, I moderated a panel entitled “100 Years of Commercial Aviation”.  Speaking on the panel were: […]

Archived compliance webinar available online.

At the end of October, I partnered with Arnall Golden Gregory to present a webinar on  compliance. I’m proud to say that the archive of this webinar is now available online! Click here to access it.  All you need to do is provide some contact details to register and sit back and learn.  

“From the seat of your pants to compliance” webinar, October 29 from 1 – 2 ET

If you’re a broker, you’re required to have due diligence.  If you’re an importer, you’re required to have due diligence.  Absent compliance programs to support both of your efforts, you’ll find yourself looking to legal counsel for assistance if an issue arises with Customs.  Compliance, in the most basic form, is following the rules, costs […]

Export and ITAR Presentation at The Refractories Institute

I was honored to be invited on Oct 3rd to give an Export and ITAR Compliance Basics presentation to The Refractories Institute in Pittsburgh, PA, for their annual Fall Meeting. The presentation was given to approximately 120 attendees who are involved in the manufacturing and distribution of refractory goods. In 2005, I was a key contributor […]

Government Affairs Conference 2013

Every September, the NCBFAA meets in our nation’s Capitol.  I arrived here on Friday, and the weekend was full of meetings about the industry.  In my role as the Chairwoman of the Air Freight Subcommittee and as the elected representative of the Atlanta International Forwarders & Brokers Association to the NCBFAA Board of Directors, I have a […]

Interview at Global Supply Chain Management conference in Atlanta, Georgia

I was a panelist The Global Supply Chain Management (SCM) Leaders Conference which was held in Atlanta, Georgia, from May 8th through the 13th of this year. In conjunction with that conference, I was interviewed one-on-one by Greg Thompson about US Customs compliance and the issues facing the industry. You can find it yourself on […]

Welcome to the launch of the new Mullins International Solutions website!

Well, everyone, it finally happened. The site is done! When I started Mullins, I wanted to make sure that everyone knew what I was about, and what The Office Group was about. And that was great. Now, things are all spiffy and digital. Next thing you know I’ll be Twittering or clouding or something like that. Facebook’s […]