Export and ITAR Presentation at The Refractories Institute

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I was honored to be invited on Oct 3rd to give an Export and ITAR Compliance Basics presentation to The Refractories Institute in Pittsburgh, PA, for their annual Fall Meeting.Donna Mullins Refractories Institute

The presentation was given to approximately 120 attendees who are involved in the manufacturing and distribution of refractory goods.

In 2005, I was a key contributor for Morganite Industries  when they set up and implemented an Export Compliance Program.  It was a pleasure to work with Dawn Steinker, their Director of Import/Export Compliance.  She told me she remembered the vast knowledge I have of the compliance requirements for exporting products from the US.  Dawn told the audience, “When I was contacted by TRI to help prepare an export compliance presentation, I immediately contacted Donna.”

Refractories are heat-resistant materials that constitute the linings for high-temperature furnaces and reactors and other processing units. In addition to being resistant to thermal stress and other physical phenomena induced by heat, refractories must also withstand physical wear and corrosion by chemical agents. Refractories are more heat resistant than metals and are required for heating applications above 1000°F (538°C).

Refractories comprise a broad class of materials having the above characteristics to varying degrees, for varying periods of time, and under varying conditions of use. Depending upon the application, refractories must resist chemical attack, withstand molten metal and slag erosion, thermal shock, physical impact, catalytic heat and similar adverse conditions. Since the various ingredients of refractories impart a variety of performance characteristics and properties, many refractories have been developed for specific purposes. It is a tribute to the refractory engineers, scientists and technicians, and plant personnel that more than 5000 brand name products are listed in the latest Product Directory of the Refractories Industry in the United States.

The presentation was detailed yet understandable to the newer exporters. I concluded by stating, “Compliance is simply following the rules. The rules are what are hard to follow.”

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