Welcome to the launch of the new Mullins International Solutions website!

Posted on July 11, 2013 by

Well, everyone, it finally happened.

The site is done! When I started Mullins, I wanted to make sure that everyone knew what I was about, and what The Office Group was about. And that was great.

Now, things are all spiffy and digital. Next thing you know I’ll be Twittering or clouding or something like that. Facebook’s about as digital as I’ve gotten, although there’s a great support network around me that has bolstered and raised me up through the difficult times and to them I’m forever grateful.

I really do believe strongly in a few things. First, that the chain that I’ve used for my logo and my tag line of being the strongest link in your supply chain is for real. What I’ve done for many of you (and hope to do for many more of you!) only serves to make your companies better for yourselves as well as your customers. Second, I believe that I’ve done a great job owning the color green throughout the site. It’s a favorite of mine, in case you hadn’t guessed.

But finally, I believe in the strength of community and faith and that everyone who has been put into my life (and will come into my life) is there for a reason. And I’m grateful to those of you I’ve come to know, those of you I’ve yet to meet, but certainly you are all counted as friends.

Please enjoy and give me feedback. Your ideas are what help to grow this forum.

God bless.

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