Mullins International in the news for Census carnet change

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You may recall that I was working very hard with several trade associations to prevent the Census Department from requiring that EEI be submitted prior to departure for goods temporarily leaving the US on a carnet.

Well, it’s always fun to see news like this:

Good morning, 

You may recall recently receiving this message a few weeks ago pertaining to the U.S. Census Bureau reconsidering its plans to eliminate the Carnet exemption.  Today we are pleased to report that the agency has formalized its reconsideration of the regulation through this Federal Register Notice and exemptions related to Carnets, Temporary Exports and shipments under a Temporary Import Bond will be reinstated.


Our thanks go to many AfA members including Donna Mullins of Mullins International, Andy Dietz or RockIt Cargo and Amanda Barlow of Roanoke Trade who worked tirelessly in urging both U.S. Census and CBP to reconsider this important exemption affecting many forwarders.



And if you’d like to see it on your own screen, click here to read it from the Airforwarders Association.

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